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Very Responsive.
I worked with attorney Michelle Olsen over the past 22 months to work through my criminal charges of Reckless driving, and then picking up multiple DUIs (3) over this course of time in Minnesota, plus an additional 2 DUI charges that were out of state. What I appreciated the most was her responsiveness. If she wasn’t in the office during my call, she would always call me back that same day, even if it was after hours. She was very thorough in explaining all of the details of my case, explaining the options, and answering all of my questions. She understood the complexity of my cases and all of the anxiety it caused me. Through all of these charges she fought hard, despite my alcohol relapses which caused more of a challenge in getting a favorable outcome, and adding additional stress arraignments and warrants. Most importantly, she continued to keep me up to date with all of the communication amongst multiple Minnesota prosecutor's from Blue Earth, Waseca, and Goodhue county. She also kept in communication with my other 2 attorney's from Colorado and Missouri, as well as my treatment counselor to ensure I was continuing to make progress with my recovery from alcohol. Michelle had to strategically plan the timing of these convictions to keep my sentencing to a minimum, and prevent DUIs from enhancing into a felong-level given I had priors. She fought hard throigh all of the court proceedings to ultimately protect my professional license. Michelle was supportive through all of this, good times and bad. She gained understanding for how all of the consequences (fines, jail, probation, driver's license, inerlock vehicle device, etc.) of my DUIs led me down a path of sobriety. The office staff at Birkholz Law was very helpful in assisting me during this journey, answering questions, and relaying information. During these 22 months, Michelle needed to have two of her collegues assist at court twice, both of which went favorably. Michelle communicated with them in advance to ensure continuity. On the civil penalties, Michelle also represented me in getting my vehicle back from 2 Minnesota counties where it was forfeited. My entire case was very complicated and in my belief has given Michelle unique experience within the multiple intricacies of Minnesota's DUI laws. I would not hesititate to hire her for any future criminal charges.
Tough as nails, but also emotionally intelligent and compassionate
Michelle Olsen represented me in a family law case involving a long standing custody issue. She compassionately listened, but once adequate information was gathered, Michelle approached the situation from a strong legal perspective. We have a very unique family matter involving my recent move across state lines. My child's complex medical needs has added another challenging component to our dispute. This attorney is tough as nails, but also emotionally intelligent and compassionate toward all sides. I believe this counselor at Birkholz Law is worth every dollar spent, plus more. Michelle looked at our situation through the eyes of our child's best interests. Because both my ex husband and me want what is best for our child, trial could be avoided. On the day set for trial, the judge, along with the two attorneys, decided to hear our teenager's concerns in private conversation behind closed doors. When Michelle heard what our child wanted, she knew what type of custody agreement could potentially solve our case. With the assistance of our individual attorneys, private negotiations commenced in a conference room at the justice center. My ex husband and his wife listened to me, and I also tried to understand their position. In spite of a difficult past, we all tried to hear each other from the heart. Without Michelle, I am absolutely certain we couldn't have settled our case outside the courtroom. She skillfully directed our meeting, and we found a quick resolution to our case. The money saved from our expedited family agreement can now be put toward the needs of our child, rather than into an emotionally draining courtroom scene. If there was a rating scale of 10 stars, this law firm would receive such a rating. Each and every staff member, from the office personnel to the paralegals working under Michelle, are top notch. I am eternally grateful to this amazing young woman for the wisdom and insight she brought to our case to provide the best possible solution for our family.
Faith Bergevin


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