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Serving Southern Minnesota for Over 50 Years

Birkholz & Associates, LLC - Southern Minnesota Lawyers

“He isn't afraid of the Judge or other lawyers. Fights for your rights.” - Irma Vasquez

Birkholz & Associates, LLC is a private law firm serving the legal needs of the residents of St. James, Mankato, Westbrook, and Southern Minnesota. Our attorneys have 50 years' combined experience in divorce and family law, estate planning and probate, real estate, criminal defense, and civil litigation.

Our practice is dedicated to protecting the rights and resources of our clients, and helping them achieve the future they want for themselves and their families. Everything we do, from the initial meeting with a client to appearing at trial on their behalf, is focused on that goal. We understand that when you have a legal concern, you have a lot of questions. We take pride in being responsive and proactive—answering not only the questions you have, but giving you answers to the questions you might not know that you should be asking. We are your counselors, guides, and fierce advocates through the often complex legal system.

Birkholz & Associates is committed to resolving legal matters as effectively and efficiently as possible, and as experienced litigators with a strong courtroom record, we are prepared to advocate for our clients all the way to trial if necessary. We invite you to contact Birkholz & Associates to schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help you.

Our Legal Practice Areas

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Divorce & Family Law

The Mankato and St. James attorneys of Birkholz & Associates represent clients in divorce, child custody, support, and other Minnesota family law matters.

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Criminal Defense

The only thing standing between you and an unjust result in your criminal case is your defense attorney. Experience matters; don't risk your future.

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Estate Planning & Probate

The Mankato and St. James attorneys of Birkholz & Associates represent clients in estate planning and Minnesota probate administration matters.

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Serving Southern Minnesota for Over 50 Years

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Professionalism and Responsiveness With Keeping Me Informed

Professionalism and Responsiveness With Keeping Me Informed

Michelle came into my case and took all my stress away. Her and Danielle did such a great job keeping me informed about my case. I could talk to Michelle about anything and know I would get honest forward answers. Even when she was on vacation Danielle her paralegal was right there to help me get threw the hard times also. They were such a great team. I truly apprecaite them both so much!!
Amanda Zimmer
Eternally Grateful

Eternally Grateful

Jake performed eloquently on a case that was destined to tear our close family apart. He led us professionally through a 2 year battle and the complicated maze of the criminal justice system in Minnesota. The results were that our Brother was completely acquitted of all three counts against him. Jake lifted the tremendous burden of these charges off of our shoulders. We will be eternally grateful to him and his family for all the extra, extra hours he spent with us, which I have no doubt, took valuable time away from his family. Thank you Jake for choosing to be an attorney.
Jane C.
Definitely Recommend

Definitely Recommend

Taliesen and everyone I worked with made the probate process straight forward. I knew nothing about probate before starting this process, but Taliesen explained everything, communicated in a timely manner, and answered all of my questions. I definitely recommend Birkholz & Associates for probate.
Keith Stenzel