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Civil, Agricultural & Estate Litigation

The attorneys of Birkholz & Associates have 50 years' combined experience in civil, agricultural, and estate litigation, and a strong track record at trial.

Minnesota Civil, Agricultural, and Estate Litigation

The attorneys of Birkholz & Associates have 50 years' combined experience in civil, agricultural, and estate litigation, and a strong track record at trial.

St. James and Mankato Civil Litigators Representing Clients Throughout Southern Minnesota

Most lawsuits that are filed end not in a trial, but in a negotiated resolution. Settlement leaves more control in the parties' hands, can preserve personal and professional relationships, and saves the expense of ongoing legal wrangling. Ironically, the best opportunity for settlement comes when you are represented by an experienced litigator.

A skilled litigator can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a case, assess damages and remedies, and understand the likelihood of prevailing at trial—which means they can better advise their clients regarding whether settlement is worthwhile. Furthermore, when an attorney has a reputation for succeeding in the courtroom, opposing counsel know they will not accept a less-than-optimal settlement just to avoid going to trial.

At Birkholz & Associates, we are litigators with 50 years' combined experience as litigators and a track record of success in a variety of litigated matters, including agricultural, estate, and general civil litigation. We help our clients resolve disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible, but if negotiation does not produce the desired outcome, we are fully prepared to aggressively protect our clients' interests at trial.

Birkholz & Associates has roots in the Mankato and St. James communities going back decades. We are committed to helping our clients achieve favorable resolutions to their agriculture-related disputes in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Estate Litigation

Grief over the loss of a loved one can be complicated by disputes over the management or distribution of the deceased's estate. Whether you are the personal representative of the estate, an heir, a creditor, or another interested party, Birkholz & Associates can assist you with litigation regarding:

  • Validity of wills
  • Will and trust contests
  • Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Fiduciary accountings
  • Petitions to partition property of the estate
  • Recovery of estate property
  • Disputes regarding inheritance of farm property
  • Creditor claims against an estate

An experienced estate litigation attorney can make the difficult prospect of bringing a family matter into a legal forum a little easier, and expedite a resolution that will make it possible for all parties to move forward.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation encompasses a wide variety of legal actions, including lawsuits involving breach of contract, family law and divorce, real estate disputes, and negligence. The attorneys of Birkholz & Associates have five decades of combined experience in civil litigation and an excellent record of success in the courtroom, including complex trials with hundreds of exhibits.

An experienced civil litigator can maximize your chances of success while working efficiently to conserve your resources. To find out more about what Birkholz & Associates can do for you, contact any of our Southern Minnesota law offices to schedule a free consultation.

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