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Does your firm handle rea…

Does your firm handle real estate matters for your clients?

Does your firm handle rea… I’ve been handling real estate affairs for over 40 years. I represent five banks, so I do a great deal of real estate for them as well. Most commonly what I do is I represent sellers and buyers a real estate, whether they’re selling their home, a business, or farmland. I auction a farmland and I’ve been doing that for probably 30 years. What I can tell you is that most frequently I do title examinations to verify that if you’re buying a piece of property there are no judgments, there’s no liens against the property. When you pay for that house or that farm it is free and clear of any liens or encumbrances. Real estate is in a very exciting last several years with rapid increase in values of farmland, it is become a very, very valuable asset. I represent bankers when they make loans on real estate and I advice them how to structure agricultural real estate loans. Yes, we do real estate, we’ve been doing it for long time, I do farm leases as well. We’d be very grateful and help you, assist you in any real estate matters you might have. Read More

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