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How does a person find th…

How does a person find the right attorney to help them with their legal problems?

How does a person find th… Well, I’ve been practicing law for over 40 years. By far, the greatest source of referrals for me is prior clients. So, probably 80% of the clients that I get on a daily basis come from recommendations from prior clients. However, we live in a very electronic age and media age where there are other resources that people are turning to now beyond what their neighbor thinks is a good lawyer. There is Facebook, there is Twitter, there are websites for many law firms that are very accessible. We are getting more and more clients from our website and we find it to be a very, very useful tool. So, yes, there are many ways you can get referrals. Phone books used to be, perhaps, one of the largest source of referrals but they’re becoming less important as we have other sources available for clients to read about us, to find out about us, to see what types of law we practice, and what kinds of services we can provide. Read More

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