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How does a person find th…

How does a person find the right attorney to help them with their legal problems?

How does a person find th… Well, I’ve been practicing law for over 40 years. By far, the greatest source of referrals for me is prior clients. So, probably 80% of the clients that I get on a daily basis come from recommendations from prior clients. However, we live in a very electronic age and media age where there are other resources that people are turning to now beyond what their neighbor thinks is a good lawyer. There is Facebook, there is Twitter, there are websites for many law firms that are very accessible. We are getting more and more clients from our website and we find it to be a very, very useful tool. So, yes, there are many ways you can get referrals. Phone books used to be, perhaps, one of the largest source of referrals but they’re becoming less important as we have other sources available for clients to read about us, to find out about us, to see what types of law we practice, and what kinds of services we can provide. Read More
After I have written a wi…

After I have written a will can I change it? How often should I review it?

After I have written a wi… It is a good idea to look at your will periodically to make sure that it contains the terms and conditions that you want at the time of your death. It’s a good idea to review that will at least every five years or if there is a significant change in tax law you should certainly go back to your attorney and see if it’s time to change your will. Can you do it? Yes, but when you do, you have to be again, competent. And with Alzheimer’s, dementia affecting many elderly people, sometimes it becomes too late to change a will simply because a parent is no longer competent. However, if a person is suffering from some physical or mental illness or disease, that doesn’t mean they can’t change their will but they have to be competent at the time they sign it. That’s why we use two witnesses plus a notary to make sure even though the person may have a disability, that the will that they signed on that given day and time is still legal and still valid, even though their disability may affect them before the signing and after the signing. Read More
Can I get my criminal rec…

Can I get my criminal records expunged in Minnesota?

Can I get my criminal rec… Yes, there is a specific statute in Minnesota that allows for expungement. There is a new law that took effect as of January 1, 2015. This new law allows for a greater expanded right to expungement and helps you get an expungement. Felonies, gross misdemeanors and misdemeanors can be expunged if enough time has elapsed, typically between two and five years since you have been released from probation or have completed your sentence. An attorney can help advise you whether or not a court will consider if you have rehabilitated yourself sufficient to get an expungement. Please contact an attorney today. Read More
Does your firm handle rea…

Does your firm handle real estate matters for your clients?

Does your firm handle rea… I’ve been handling real estate affairs for over 40 years. I represent five banks, so I do a great deal of real estate for them as well. Most commonly what I do is I represent sellers and buyers a real estate, whether they’re selling their home, a business, or farmland. I auction a farmland and I’ve been doing that for probably 30 years. What I can tell you is that most frequently I do title examinations to verify that if you’re buying a piece of property there are no judgments, there’s no liens against the property. When you pay for that house or that farm it is free and clear of any liens or encumbrances. Real estate is in a very exciting last several years with rapid increase in values of farmland, it is become a very, very valuable asset. I represent bankers when they make loans on real estate and I advice them how to structure agricultural real estate loans. Yes, we do real estate, we’ve been doing it for long time, I do farm leases as well. We’d be very grateful and help you, assist you in any real estate matters you might have. Read More
Can my spouse and I agree…

Can my spouse and I agree to low or no child support?

Can my spouse and I agree… Yes, once you have decided that you have come to an agreement on custody and you have determined now that the child support calculator in Minnesota is telling you you’re going to have to pay some child support, but your spouse doesn’t want it, yes you can deviate from child support and you can lower it to basically any amount you want, contact a good attorney to help you get the right language in your decree. Read More

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