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Eternally Grateful

Eternally Grateful

Jake performed eloquently on a case that was destined to tear our close family apart. He led us professionally through a 2 year battle and the complicated maze of the criminal justice system in Minnesota. The results were that our Brother was completely acquitted of all three counts against him. Jake lifted the tremendous burden of these charges off of our shoulders. We will be eternally grateful to him and his family for all the extra, extra hours he spent with us, which I have no doubt, took valuable time away from his family. Thank you Jake for choosing to be an attorney.
Jane C.
My case was won, great communication...

My case was won, great communication...

I wanted a young lawyer who was ambitious. My case was won, communication was great, background and knowledge of my case was very well done, and was presented very professionally. I have referred clients to Jake and told them that he was very professional and well prepared.
William Menssen
Jacob was top notch, not only did we win...

Jacob was top notch, not only did we win...

Jacob was top notch. I found his law firm through a simple google search, and I would have to say I really lucked out. He did a GREAT job of outlining what information I would need to bring to the table in order for him to assist me to his fullest ability. Once we got that ball rolling, he made sure that all the legal "ducks" were in a row. Not only did we win this case, but it was also a much better experience overall than I was expecting to encounter.